Dualities by Carolina Rodríguez

McLean County Arts Center presents

Dualities by Carolina Rodríguez

March 3 trough April 22
Artist Reception on Friday March 5, 5-7 pm

McLean County Arts Center
601 N East Street, Bloomington

Carolina is a Costa Rican artist. She has lived in the United States for 6 years. Her life involves constant travel between two countries, Costa Rica and the U.S. On one hand Carolina identifies with her roots in Costa Rica, but on the other she has a new life with her husband Cesar and their daughter Maya here in Bloomington. These trips have allowed her to find certain dualities in the environments in which she lives. Her work tries to show the contrast and similarities between these two countries: one tropical, developing, full of color, and a capital city full of old buildings, people, cars and street sales; the other a great country, a world power, developed and with vibrant cities like Chicago, where she has found inspiration in its urban atmosphere, skyscrapers and constant movement. This exhibition aims to show the dualities present in the two worlds in which the artist lives.

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Carolina Rodríguez

Chicago Bus by Carolina Rodríguez

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