Membership is open to:

  • Organizational members – Organizations that present or produce any form of art on a regular basis or as a mission objective.
  • Individual artists – Producing artists including but not limited to sculptors, painters, performing artists, choreographers, photographers, directors, writers and poets.
  • Associate members –all other organizations and individuals who adhere to and support the goals and objectives of AART.

Activities of the past year have included social mixers for all members and potential members, as well as educational workshops on topics of interest to the arts community. The upcoming year promises even more opportunities for networking, building collaborations, and learning about topics of interest to the arts community.

As is the case with many not-for-profit organizations – especially in the world of art – AART runs on volunteer power. This is one reason we are able offer membership at such a nominal cost to you! In what ever little way you are able to assist AART, the more AART can be of benefit to you! We are also keenly aware of increasing demands on personal free time. Therefore, our goal is to be able to break down activities and events into shared, manageable projects. The attached membership form gives you many options.

Annual Membership Dues

Dues are due annually September-October

$100: Organizations with an annual budget
more than $250,000

$50: Organizations with an annual budget
of less than $250,000

$50: Associates (non creators)

$25: Individual Artists

Apply for Membership Online:

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